Brasov: Urban Active Environments for bikers

On 6th September, the civil society’s group of representatives and experts supporting Brasov Metropolitan Agency in developing the Local Action Plan, has met to discuss, analyse and improve the audit findings in regards to physical activities and mass sport, both from a  subjective point of view (attitudes, habits etc.) as well as objectively (urban planning, dedicated infrastructure etc). As such,… Read more →

Students have their say at UactivE action planning event

The SPAcE project is currently implementing action plans across five EU cities/towns in Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain that should dictate guidelines for the creation of Urban Active Spaces. Specifically for Palermo, CESIE choose schools as the target setting to promote the development of active areas  within the school environment. The idea for the schools in Palermo is to… Read more →

SPAcE: The Palermo Action Plan is on its way!

The SPAcE project entered a very important phase this month as local working groups across 5 cities and towns in Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain have been formed to develop actions plans for the development of urban active environments (UActivE) across Europe. The end result will be developed policy interventions to promote physical activity-friendly environments and good practices for… Read more →

SPAcE: UActiveE plans underway after Good Practice workshop

Actions plans for the development of urban active environments (UActiveE) in cities and towns across the European Union are now underway after the “Learning and Sharing of Good Practice Symposium and Workshop” and second partnership meeting for the project SPAcE – Supporting Policy and Action for Active Environments, took place on 5th and 6th November 2015, in Palermo hosted by… Read more →

SPAcE: Exploring Good Practices in Active Environments

Partners of the project SPAcE (Supporting Policy and Action for Active Environments) have carried out desk based scoping exercises to compile case studies demonstrating good practices in the area of urban active environments (UActiveE) as part of a new EU report supporting active towns and cities and promoting the establishment of UActiveE. The report “EU UActivE Summary of Evidence and… Read more →