SPAcE to present at the 6th International City Health Conference

The project SPAcE will present at the 6th International City Health Conference in Basel Switzerland on 13th and 14th September 2017. This is the sixth in the series of City Health conferences and will be hosted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and organised by Knowledge Action Change.

The conference theme titled, “Empowerment, Engagement and Partnership: participating to develop healthy cities’” reflects the belief that measures and actions for health promotion and urban development are more effective if the affected populations play an active and co-decisive role in the process of design, development and delivery. Evidence demonstrates that such engagement and participation contributes to sustainable solutions, to a greater identification with urban public space and increased intergenerational communication.

The two day conference will bring together presenters, and participants including NGOs, community projects, advocacy groups, as well as urban and health planners, academics, policy makers and those who deliver services and interventions in the field of health and urban development.

Following the acceptance of three paper abstracts submitted by partners; the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development, Romania and the University of Thessaly, Greece, these partners will chair and lead a specific session on “active urban environments and impacts on populations’ health and well-being”. Results and conclusions from the SPAcE report, “Environments for physical activity in Europe a review of evidence and examples of practice” and the development of Urban Active Environments (UActivE) Action Plans for Brasov, Romania and Trikala, Greece that will aim to develop new cycle lanes, bicycle networks and walking paths, will be presented and discussed with conference participants.

All final 5 UActivE Action Plans developed to promote physical activity-friendly environments in the 5 European cities/towns: (Greece), Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), Palermo (Italy), Brasov (Romania) and Tukums (Latvia), will be made available on the project website together with the final products at the end of 2017.

For more information about the 6th International City Health Conference, click here.


To read the SPAcE report “Environments for physical activity in Europe a review of evidence and examples of practice” click here.