SPAcE partners present symposium in HEPA EU conference, Zagreb, Croatia, 16th November 2017

A 90-minute symposium for the SPAcE project was attended by over 40 delegates of the HEPA EU Conference which took place in Zagreb Croatia on 16th November 2017. Delegates were presented by an overview of the project by Prof Diane Crone from the University of Gloucestershire (Project Coordinator), followed by an explanation of how the Urban Environment Action Plans were developed in the five implementation sites by Tanja Onatsu, from LIKES, Finland.


This was complemented by two further presentations from Dr Nick Cavill from the University of Oxford who presented how the WHO HEAT Tool was used in the project, and this was concluded by a presentation from one of the five implementation site partners from Toledo, Spain. This was delivered by Dr Susana Aznar-Lain from the University of Castilla La Mancha.


The session concluded with a discussion session where delegates and presenters shared ideas and lessons learnt from the SPAcE project.

To read more about the lessons learnt from the SPAcE project and to learn more about the Action Plans in the five implementation sites – Brasov (Romania), Palermo (Italy), Castilla La Mancha (Spain), Tukums (Latvia) and Trikala (Greece), please visit